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Azpro Odourkill Power Burst Air Freshener 750ml – Fresh Linen

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Aztec Aerosols

Azpro Odourkill Power Burst Air Freshener 750ml

Odourkill Power Burst is a highly concentrated air freshener for large indoor areas. The fragrance has been designed to be long lasting and the aerosol has a spray head and valve specifically designed to propel the product over large areas. Odourkill Power Burst can be used after cleaning to leave a fresh pleasant odour. Other uses include masking odours coming from foul smelling drains and waste disposal areas. It can also be used to freshen rooms that may have a damp or stale aroma.


  • Ideal for use in: meeting rooms, toilet blocks, hotels, schools, hospitals, large offices or any large public areas.
  • Aroma: Fresh Linen
  • Can Capacity: 750ml
  • Contains alcohol which helps to combat germs
  • Sanitises and freshens
  • highly concentrated formula
  • eliminate stubborn odours
  • High discharge nozzle
  • Available Aromas: Fresh Linen, Ice, Red Berries, Tutti Frutti, Watermelon


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