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Countersunk Wing Driller Tek Screw for 4-18mm Steel

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Countersunk Wing Driller Tek Screw for 4-18mm Steel

High-end general construction fixing for use in demanding applications. This variant is especially suited to fastening construction board and timber fixture elements to primary and secondary steel framing.


  • Wing elements ream clearance gole in timber and board material fixture elements to eliminate the risk of ‘jacking’.
  • Double countersunk head ensures both positive-driving and self-countersinking characteristics are achieved.


  • Double countersunk
  • Torx 30 drive
  • Spiral drill point
  • 24 threads per inch, ‘V’ fluted
  • Carbon steel shank
  • Recommended drill speed: 1500 – 2500rpm (non impacting only)
  • Steel thickness: 4.0mm – 18.0mm
Timber Capacity
5.5 x 73mm
6 – 38mm
5.5 x 93mm
38 – 58mm
5.5 x 118mm
58 – 83mm
5.5 x 143mm
83 – 108mm



118mm, 143mm, 73mm, 93mm

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