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Duro Hex Auger Wood Drilling Bits

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Duro Hex Auger Wood Drilling Bits

Premium quality self feed Auger Bits for all hard and soft woods. Used for all Hard and Soft Woods. Composites such as chipboard and plywood.


  • Threaded Centering Tip
  • Self Centering & Self Feeding
  • Smooth, Deep Flutes
  • Fast Chip Removal
  • HEX Shank

Sizing Options:

6.0 x 235mm
8.0 x 235mm
10.0 x 235mm
12.0 x 235mm
14.0 x 235mm
16.0 x 235mm
18.0 x 235mm
20.0 x 235mm
22.0 x 235mm
24.0 x 235mm
10.0 x 460mm
12.0 x 460mm
16.0 x 460mm
20.0 x 460mm
22.0 x 460mm
24.0 x 460mm


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