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Milwaukee Shockwave 56 Piece Drill/Screwdriver Bit Set – 4932430907

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Milwaukee Shockwave 56 Piece Drill/Screwdriver Bit Set – 4932430907

Milwaukee 56 Piece SHOCKWAVE 2nd generation Driver Bit Set is designed for use with Impact Drivers, not only ideal for heavy duty impact applications, but also delivers a full system solution for all your drilling and fastening needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • The larger optimized Shock Zone geometry reduces stress at the tip resulting in less tip breakages. providing up to 30X longer life.
  • The Shock Zone design and special heat treatment combined absorbs impacts, allowing the bit to flex with spring like action.
  • Precision milled tip provides the best fit in the screw head, reducing cam out and stripping, resulting in outstanding lifetime, up to 30X longer life.
  • Milwaukee custom engineered metal formula makes the Shockwave bits more resistant to shock from impacting.


48 x 25mm length2 x PH13 x PH21 x PH33 x PZ14 x PZ22 x PZ33 x TX103 x TX154 x TX204 x TX254 x TX303 x TX402 x TX502 x Hex 4mm2 x Hex 5mm 2 x SL 0.6 x 4.52 x SL 0.8 x 5.52 x SL 1.2 x 6.57 x 50 mm length 1 x PH21 x PZ11 x PZ21 x TX101 x TX151 x TX201 x TX251 x magnetic bit holder 60mm length.

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