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Polyester Round Sling 1-5 Tonne 0.5-6 Metre E.W.L.

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Polyester Round Sling 1-5 Tonne 0.5-6 Metre E.W.L.


Polyester Round Webbing Slings are used for lifting loads or objects that may have fragile or delicate surfaces, which could be harmed if lifted with chains or wire ropes. They are soft and easy to handle whilst offering rigidity across their width.

This round endless webbing sling conforms to BS 1492-2 and comes with the legally required Declaration of Conformity for lifting gear. Ideal for many lifting, towing or pulling applications.


  • Manufactured from 100% high strength polyester material.
  • Covered by a seamless close woven, heavy duty polyester tubular sleeve.
  • Conforms to BS EN 1492-2.
  • Minimum breaking load is 7 times the W.L.L.
  • A soft alternative to wires and chain.
  • Colour coded by load capacity for easy identification
  • All items include legally required DofC

Effective Working Length (E.W.L.):

  • All lengths quoted are E.W.L. (full loop is 2 x E.W.L.)

Colour Coding:

  • 1 tonne Violet
  • 2 tonne Green
  • 3 tonne Yellow
  • 4 tonne Gray
  • 5 tonne Red

Each sling is marked with:

  • CE.
  • W.L.L. and E.W.L.
  • Relevant standard applicable (BS EN 1492).
  • Individual identification or traceability code.
  • Manufacturers ID.
  • Year of manufacture.

1Tonne, 2Tonne, 3Tonne, 4Tonne, 5Tonne


0.5M, 1.5M, 1M, 2.5M, 2M, 3m, 4M, 6M

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